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Novelit #1

A tiny entry to the Novelit Project, it’s time to begin experimenting with the various boundaries and rules the project should contain. What constitutes a paragraph, or snippet of a novel? Five sentences? 500 words? Should there be rules on its content, or is it entirely up to the author’s discretion? Questions that must be asked, and tonight is the first attempt at an answer. Without further ado, the first Novelit tidbit:

Novelit #1

Young Miriam was a bobbing head of hair, so dark in color that its sheen was a glossy oil slick, and so thick that every time her mother brushed it, it became an adventure in discovering the whereabouts of her daughter’s scalp. A brush snagged early in the attack, and combs hopelessly tangled to the point of requiring the expertise of scissors to reclaim status quo. But to Miriam, talks of thick and busy-haired appearances never penetrated her dreamy demeanor, it instead was a whimsy lifestyle of lengthy, excited narratives about princesses, narrow escapes and fantastical creatures made of the combined limbs of  lizards, birds, caterpillars and cat. So enamored she was by her own creations that Miriam’s mother began to wonder where, aside from the limited palette of animals Miriam could spy from her backyard, her daughter managed to obtain it all.

Word count: 143 / Sentences: 4

An excerpt and moment of characterization from Waldon Troupe, work-in-progress. The first notch of the Novelit Project is complete, now time for a moment of contemplation and planning to follow.



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