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Starving Manifesto

The word “starving” is often tailed by other words such as “artist,” or “writer.” I believe a journalist is both of these — in that journalism requires an amount of creativity or vision as well as, to an ever-arguable degree, an anount of writing in its finished product.

But as a graduating university student entering the 2009 job market, the job guarantee I had as a freshmen in 2005 has all but evaporated. This is due to many changes in the last four years, but the largest of the contenders are the down-turned economy and brand new technology.

One Closed, Another Anew

It is no secret to anyone that although the idea of storytelling has remained roughly the same, its many media have evolved almost quicker than Darwin’s theory of natural selection.

Case in point: print newspapers and magazines versus the mass consumer movement to sources online.

What was once the information dynasty with the almighty newspaper is now an information Hooverville — but tenants are still unsure of what to do, or where to go.

In the meantime, new journalists are poking in and quickly realizing that the collapsing cardboard shack lifestyle is not for them. There are bills to pay, student loans to defeat.

But the job guarantee with an undergrad degree is no longer where we as young journalists were once looking — the jobs have moved elsewhere.

Or rather, evolved.

Both Eyes Forward

Therefore, in order to survive and thrive in this changing world, we too have to adapt. “We,” meaning journalists, writers and artists alike, and the blurred regions between.

The goal for this blog is to explore the new media for storytelling, and put it forth into the next generation of journalism — what some are calling journalism 2.0.

Regardless of what we call it now or will call it in the future, the digital world is ever-changing, and storytellers — regardless of the guise they take — have to keep up.

Else they’ll simply do what their failed predecessors did before them: starve.


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