Night Commune.

Late nights have always been an artist’s guilty pleasure, as well as embarrassed secret. It’s difficult to keep up with the day and age’s pace and demands, and robbing yourself of sleep is no way to give yourself an advantage. And yet the night rewards you with quiet and a midnight solace, painted in dark colors so serene. I mind neither the full or new moon, I note the night colors of the clouds – it is a separate palette  of turquoise, gray and deep sea blue.

What then is the purpose of the night to the creative mind? If it robs of sleep, it robs of valuable hours in the day. Less hours to rush, compete and otherwise thrive in a society where every moment counts. But even under such a threat, the late night dips into a creative tradition, where playwrights, poets, authors and other wordsmiths burn the candle wick and pen words through midnight. It’s not quite a séance, but it’s the closest commune with writers past that a passing amateur can receive.

Tomorrow, another possibility of snow.



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3 responses to “Night Commune.

  1. For some types of artists, night hours are a requirement. I was a (semi-pro) musician for several years, with many nights of loading out equipment after last call, lugging it back to the studio, locking it up, rushing home for 45 minutes sleep, and then off to work. My then-wife/drummer and I used to try to figure out how little sleep was worth it. If it was an hour, that was worth it. If it was 20 minutes, probably better to stay up.

  2. I completely agree. It seems as if I can’t function correctly when writing or sketching or it doesn’t come out as elegantly as it would when the rays of the sun fade and the moon reigns the night sky. I have always been this way since I started writing. The first poem I ever wrote was written at one in the morning.

  3. ahuff527

    It’s almost as if all day long is spent on autopilot. Nighttime allows the body to relax and the mind to kick into gear–unless you turn the T.V. on.

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