State of the Union (for News Media)

One week ago, the Pew Research Center posted a dismal report on the state of news media. The article was the sixth in the news media series, but also the “bleakest,” it proclaimed.

A few pulled quotes from the article:

Perhaps least noticed yet most important, the audience migration to the internet is now accelerating. The number of Americans who regularly go online for news, jumped 19% in the last two years.”

But audiences now consume news in new ways. They hunt and gather what they want when they want it, use search to comb among destinations and share what they find through a growing network of social media.”

And the news industry does not know — and has done less than it could to learn — how to convert this more active online audience into revenue.”

It’s all food for thought. American news consumers are migrating to the online news sources, but no media meister knows quite how to crack the code of making online revenue yet.

Charging online consumers for subscriptions or per article will only cause them to flock elsewhere for news. We live in an era where consumers expect information to be free.

This study also offered a look at major trends for 2009 journalism. Though we’re only about one week away from completing our third month of the year, it seems we already have trends to dissect.

Let’s see what happens.


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